Complexity Reduction

Streamlining Operations for Sustainable Success

At VOITAS, we provide complexity reduction services specifically tailored for OEMs operating in automotive industry. We simplify operations, optimize processes, and foster efficiency to help our clients thrive.

What is Complexity Reduction?

Complexity reduction is a strategic approach to identify, analyze, and minimize unnecessary complexities within a production environment.

It involves streamlining processes, reducing variations, and eliminating non-value-added activities to enhance productivity, improve quality, and increase overall operational efficiency. 

How can you benefit?

By reducing complexity in your production processes, our clients eliminate bottlenecks and streamline operations, which improve productivity and efficiency. Our tailored strategies focuses on identifying areas to improve, optimizing the resources and reducing expenditures. 

We help our Clients simplify their processes, reduce variations and defects and in result improve quality of their products and operations. Thanks to that, our clients gain competitive advantages over competition. Reducing complexity allows to adapt faster, improve lead time and precisely respond to market demands.

Tools and programs

What tools and programs do we use?


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What do we offer?

Comprehensive evaluation of client’s production processes, which results in analysis of current situation and impact of existing complexities on efficiency and quality.

Creation of tailored strategy
based on the assessment,
aligning it to client’s specific
business goals.

Identification of steps and
variation with no value added

Implementation of process improvements and tool development

Implementation of a continuous improvement processes, which help identify and address complexities and bottlenecks sooner, ensuring long term success.

What is our success story?


A leading German heavy truck OEM


  • The client faced a significant challenge in managing the complexity associated with part numbers in their wiring systems
  • The existing level of complexity was hindering operational efficiency and impacting the overall production process
  • The goal was to reduce complexity without compromising the functionality and quality of the wiring systems


  • Comprehensive evaluation of the client’s production processes, specifically focusing on the complexities tied to part numbers in the wiring system
  • The analysis provided insights into the current situation and the impact of existing complexities on efficiency and quality
  • We crafted a tailored strategy aligned with the client’s specific business goals


  • 90% reduction in complexity related to part numbers in the wiring system
  • Significant improvement in operational efficiency, allowing for smoother and more streamlined production processes
  • Improved total cost of ownership (TCO) for the client
Why choose us?


Our team brings extensive experience and expertise in the automotive industry, ensuring tailored solutions to address complexities unique to your business.


With a proven track record of working with leading OEMs worldwide, we understand the intricacies of complex production environments and can effectively streamline operations for sustainable success.


We develop customized complexity reduction strategies aligned with your specific business goals, leveraging our deep industry knowledge and insights to achieve optimal results.


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