Process Optimization

What is Process Optimization?

Process Optimization service is designed enhance overall efficiency of our client’s operations.

By analyzing existing workflows and implementing innovative solutions, we support our clients in achieving greater productivity, reduce their operating costs, and improve overall business outcomes.

How can you benefit?

We enhance our clients’ efficiency by identifying areas with potential for process streamline and reduction of redundancies, which will increase productivity and effectiveness. By optimizing resource allocations we can reduce your operational costs, making your business more profitable.

Our approach to process optimization includes quality control measures, ensuring consistent results delivered by the optimized processes. Process optimization also allows OEMs to reduce lead times and accelerate product development cycles which can result in considerable shortened time of Time-to-Market. Additionally, optimized processes facilitate better collaboration with suppliers, leading to smoother supply chain operations and reduced lead times for sourcing critical components. This enables OEMs to build stronger relationships with suppliers, ensuring timely and cost-effective delivery of materials and engineering services.

Tools and programs

Programming languages

Java Script

C Language


C++ Language



Operating systems & platforms

Express .js

React Native

Management tools






Raspberry PI

What do we offer?

Analysis of your existing processes and identifying inefficiencies.

Development of custom optimization strategy, aligned with your specific needs and objectives

Individual tool-development to
speed things up

Implementation of strategy with close cooperation of your team with VOITAS experts

Monitoring and improvement of the results

What is our success story?


European external service provider specializing in wiring systems.


  • The client faced a significant challenge in their workflow, experiencing job stoppages that hindered the Time to Market for their products.
  • Identifying and addressing these job stoppers was crucial for enhancing overall efficiency and maintaining a competitive edge in the market.


  • Our team conducted a detailed analysis of the client’s existing processes, specifically focusing on identifying inefficiencies causing job stoppages.
  • With insights from the analysis, we developed a custom optimization strategy tailored to the client’s specific needs and objectives.
  • As part of the solution, we also designed and implemented individual tools to expedite critical tasks and accelerate the overall workflow.
  • Throughout this process, close cooperation with the client’s team and our experts ensured a collaborative and effective implementation.


  • 20% reduction in Time to Market for the client’s products
  • Addressing and eliminating job stoppers
  • Smoother and more streamlined operations
  • Increase in productivity
Why choose us?


With a track record of delivering tangible and sustainable improvements, we ensure your operations reach peak efficiency.


Our deep understanding of the automotive industry enables us to provide tailored solutions that address your specific challenges and drive success.


By working closely with your team, we gain valuable insights into your unique needs and co-create effective solutions that maximize your operational potential.


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