Product Development

From engineering expertise to cutting-edge e-mobility solutions

At VOITAS Engineering, our journey has been one of continuous innovation and adaptation. Over the years, we’ve provided services for some of the biggest OEMs in the automotive industry, providing electrical engineering, electronics, mechanical engineering, and software and firmware development services. Our experience and expertise in these fields have driven us to take a bold leap into a new venture: VOITAS Innovations.

The Birth of VOITAS Innovations

VOITAS Innovations is our latest chapter, born from the wealth of competencies, know-how, and skills we’ve honed over the years at VOITAS Engineering. This new venture is dedicated to producing cutting-edge e-mobility charging equipment.

Our mission is to revolutionize and simplify electric vehicle charging infrastructure by providing innovative, high-quality, and user-friendly EV charging solutions that accelerate the transition to sustainable transportation. 

The shift from engineering services to product development is a natural evolution, and it brings with it 
a world of opportunities.  


A Fully In-House Approach 

What sets VOITAS Innovations apart is our unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and control over the entire development and production process.

We have embraced the concept of “in-house” in its truest sense. From concept to design, manufacturing, and quality assurance, every step of the journey happens within our own facilities.

This approach allows us to maintain the highest standards 
of excellence, ensuring that our e-mobility charging equipment meets and exceeds the expectations of our clients. 



The VOITAS V11 sets new standards with its integrated cable reel system. This innovative feature keeps the cable clean and protected, eliminating the need to wrap the charging cable around the wallbox.

Simple installation and configuration, user-friendly design and full control via the VOITAS App. The VOITAS V11 boasts an array of cutting-edge features, including surplus charging, load management, RFID identification and automatic OTA updates. 

Clean and secure handling: Integrated cable roll-up system

Easy installation and configuration: full control via VOITAS APP

High-tech features: surpuls charging, load management, RFID,
automatic OTA updates


Addressing the common cable management challenge with wallboxes from other manufacturers, the VOITAS X11 serves as a practical cable extension.

Compatible with most existing wallboxes, the X11 offers three connection variants for seamless connection and charging. The extension provides a simple and efficient solution. 

Clean and secure handling: cable management for existing 
EV-Charger (Wallbox)

Versatility with various of connection to the Wallbox

Unique design, combining aesthetics with functionality

VOITAS Smart Meter

Smart Meter is an intelligent energy meter designed to measure and redirect surplus solar energy to charge electric vehicle.

VOITAS Smart Meter connects effortlessly with VOITAS chargers via W-LAN, creating a harmonious energy ecosystem for your home or business. What’s more, it’s compatible with a wide range of PV systems, and its independent measurement by current transformers guarantees reliability. 

Surpuls Solar Energy Utilization

Real-Time PV Energy Measurement

Seamless from three to one phase charging


Charging your e-car privately doesn’t have to be complicated. The VOITAS app helps you charge your e-car easily and efficiently. For each charging cycle choose the source of and stay flexible.

Multiple users

Intuitive layout

Statistics and current charging status