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Today’s vehicles have a variety of systems smart controllers are responsible for. To make sure that communication between them can take place, a well-designed electrical harness is needed to meet requirements such as safety.

In a car s everal kilometres of wires form the entire on board network . It is kind of an analogy to the human nervous system, through which also electrical impulses flow. Most people don’t reali s e just how complex and elaborate the wiring system hiding in their car is… and of course, they don’t have to. This is where our company comes in.

What are vehicle electrical systems?

Vehicle wiring systems refer to the complex network of electrical wires, connectors and components found in vehicles. These systems are responsible for transmitting electricity and signals to various parts of the vehicle, including the engine, lighting, dashboard controls, entertainment systems and other electrical equipment.

Properly designed and installed wiring systems are essential to the reliable and safe operation of vehicles. They require careful planning, routing and protection to prevent electrical interference, abrasion or short circuits.   

How can you benefit?

By working with our company, you can receive support in developing your electrical harness from schematic to production. Our experienced engineers will do their best to ensure your vehicle functions optimally with a perfectly created wiring harness.

We base our work on our knowledge of various automotive processes (including VOBES). As a result, we are able to bring about an increase in the safety, performance and reliability of your vehicle. You can also be sure that we maintain a partnership with you throughout our collaboration and integrate seamlessly into your processes. Moreover, our activities are documented on an hourly basis so you can count on transparent pricing conditions from the beginning of your cooperation with us.

Development process of vehicle wiring systems

The process of creating vehicle wiring systems involves several stages
such as design, component selection, routing, harness assembly as well
as testing and consists of the following steps in brief:
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determine which components will be present in the vehicle and for which the wiring needs to be prepared.

determine (usually with the 3D department) the positioning of the components in order to assign the components to the corresponding systems (doors, bumpers, roof).

3D and 2D work should run in parallel during this phase. The 3D department prepares the layout of the wiring harnesses on the 3D model (it takes care of the routing and fixing of the wiring harnesses). The 2D department prepares the logic diagrams (electrology of the connections).

the two activities must then be merged and the technical documentation prepared for the wire harness supplier (for production). This usually involves a production drawing as well as connection and parts lists.

a test harness is prepared and feedback on corrections is given after the test. Tables and production lines are prepared.

after implementation of the corrections, series production takes place, which can also be changed during development by change management.

Tools and programs


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Frameworks & technologies

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What do we offer?

Developing wiring systems from 12 to over 900 V from the early beginning until the start of the production (SOP)

Developing wiring systems for BEV, HEV, PHEV or combustion vehicles

Designing dedicated electrical harnesses for fast charging up to 350 kW

Developing vehicle architecture (ground and supply concept, ASIL consideration, etc.)​

Creating circuits diagrams (System- and/or cable schematics )

Preparing the modularization of the electrical harness on vehicles

Creating customized drawings

Changes Management in the harness development process

Designing an electrical harness in 3D (EMC, high voltage)​

Packaging components in DMU​

Selecting, adapting and arranging 3D components (connectors, grommets, 
cable channels, etc.)

Developing peripheral parts (holders, cable channels, etc.)

What is our success story?


A company specializing in solutions for automotive technology  


  •  Redesigning the domain architecture into a backbone architecture

  •  Redesign of the domain architecture into a ring architecture

  • Comparison of the architectures: domain, backbone and ring.

  • Analysis of wire harness weight, cable lengths, costs and CO2 emissions


  • Division of the vehicle into zones

  • Assignment of components to suitable zones

  • Assignment of suitable connections to the zones

  • Reconstruction of the wiring harness layout

  • Calculation of length and weight for each harness architecture


  • Weight and cost optimization

  • Reduced complexity and variant/module reduction

  • Integration of control units in HPCs

  • Highly automated production through zone arc architecture

Why choose us?


From conceptualization to the start of production (SOP), we provide comprehensive support throughout the entire development process of vehicle electrical systems.


As vehicles evolve with advancements in technology, we stay at the forefront of innovation.


With our extensive experience across different platforms, we bring versatile expertise to meet your specific requirements, regardless of the vehicle type.


If you have any questions related to
cooperation, partnership or learning more
about our company’s mission. 

Go ahead and contact us!

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